Fitted Wardrobes for your Home

When planning on installing fitted wardrobes into your home,  it is often a big decision to ensure you get the best out of the space and design you choose. Fitted wardrobes/bespoke sliding wardrobes offer fantastic design and functionality as well as fully maximising on the space you have available.

What style of fitted wardrobe should I go for?

There are a huge choice of designs, colours, finishes and internal space configurations to choose from with fitted wardrobes, so make sure you think about how you want them to fit into your day to day life.

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How to choose the perfect fitted wardrobe for you!


When making the final decision on what type of wardrobes to go for we would recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

 What items of clothing and footwear will I be storing in the wardrobe?

 What floor space do you have available?

 What style of fitted wardrobe are you looking for? Contemporary/traditional?

 What is your budget?

There are many other things you need to take into consideration also.
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Sealer For Block Paving

block paving sanded

Block Paving Sealant

Block paving adds a luxurious touch to any garden or driveway however over time this can become susceptible to stains, grime, sand loss and weed growth. When Improving your outdoor space or looking to refresh tired worn paving, sealer for block paving can help you achieve this at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

Sealer for block paving can be beneficial to your home or commercial premises in numbers of ways. Sealer strengthens pavements from erosion, prevents weed growth in joints, enhances appearance and prevents stain penetration.

There are three types of sealer generally available for use with block paving, i.e. water based, solvent based acrylic and polyurethane sealer.

Water based sealers are emulsions which have very small particles dispersed in water. Whilst they will form a film on the surface, only a weak bonding is achieved. They are a slow curing product when cured at low temperatures and high humidity due to the dampness in the air. Water based Sealers have poor water resistance and may whiten when wet.

Solvent based acrylic sealers are one of the most popular choices of sealant to seal and protect block paving at home. They are relatively cheap to buy compared to polyurethane. Acrylic resins are a softer type of resins yet are still an excellent source at protecting block paving with a high gloss finish.

The most effective sealer for long term performance has been found to be polyurethane sealer. Polyurethane is largely used in the commercial market i.e petrol stations, due to having exceptional resistance to fuels and de-icing materials. It effectively seals and stabilises jointing with a single coat application. Additional coats will provide a gloss finish, if desired.

block paving

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal
Many people believe when a tree has fallen or been cut down that the tree stump should be left where it is, however, this is not the case. Tree Stump Removal needs to occur to prevent sucking and fungal which builds up in the trees routes this later leads to rotting. With the right equipment and technique, a large tree stump can be removed with ease. A tree stump that is completely dead will not cause suckers however a left tree stump can lead to a root disease known as honey fungus. There is never a time for a tree stump to be removed, a tree stump can be physically removed at any time. By paying a tree surgeon to remove your tree stump there will be less hassle so leave it to the experts.

Physical Stump removal

It is good to ensure the removal of your tree stump is completed correctly by the entire stump being removed. This is the best solution, however, there are possible alternatives that will usually give a satisfactory result. Many smaller tree stumps can be removed by pulling the tree stump out using a winch. When using equipment like this it is good to ensure the safety of the person using the equipment however a winch can be hired from many professional gardeners. If you are looking for most of the root system to be removed the best way to do so is by using a mechanical mini excavator. It is always easier to complete a full removal of a tree stump by leaving a significant length of the trunk of the tree this will give leverage to help when in the process of being removed. Another way to remove a tree stump is by using a stump grinder, a stump grinder is a machine that grinds out the main root of the tree causing fine sawdust. It is best to leave using a stump grinder to the experts as they are potentially hazardous.