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Old Rectory Gardens Sudborough

We have had a busy week preparing for one of our major events of the season “Chickens & Bantams in the Garden” with guest speaker Ivor Parrish, a renowned authority on Rare Breed Hens. It was a huge success and we raised over £5000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Ivor gave a fascinating speech on the all aspects of keeping these wonderful birds. We now have 35 birds of many different spices which give us enormous pleasure and plenty of eggs, 14 today,for our visitors to buy. The day was marred by a number of torrential showers but after Ivor’s talk and a delicious lunch I think every one went home having had a most enjoyable day supporting a wonderful Charity.

I must not forget the garden it is looking stunning, the daffodils around the pond are holding up well in this cool weather and the tulips are biding their time before the big blaze of colour.

I should have told you all that we are open again on Sunday 22nd April for the National Garden Scheme and teas will be in aid of All Saints Sudborough, do come along, the teas will be in a marque so no getting wet should it rain. Entrance £5.00 for a very good cause.

Fund Raising At Sudborough



New arrivals at Sudborough

We have been hugely busy  making homes for our new chickens:  rare breeds we have obtained from our dear friend Ivor.   We love it when he comes to the garden because he brings  splendid new fowl for our growing collection.  There must be 15 different breeds ranging from Barbu d’Uccles to Frizzled Polands… all great characters and I  waste lots of time watching  them for hours it seems.    We are  really hoping they are a big hit with garden visitors because they are so unusual.  We have made them a huge new run this week and all is electrified to keep out Mr. Fox.

Feeding time at Sudborough