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Old Rectory Gardens Sudborough

Jack Frost is at it again and a couple of nights ago he turned our white magnolia in the stable yard brown but in fairness it was on the wane, luckily our Soulangeanas are still in bud and will look wonderful in a day or so. The tulips are beginning to make a showing and I hope that the weather remains cool so that they are looking their best on 19th April when  we are having a huge party in the Garden to show off our chickens amongst other thing to raise badly needed funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

At Sudborough

Serenity at the Old Rectory Gardens, Sudborough

We’ve been so busy with planting, weeding, mowing the grass and all multitude of jobs associated with keeping the garden up to scratch, that it’s a luxury to sit and relax.

Thought I’d share this shot with you, which made me smile because I never seem to have the time to sit down and just enjoy the garden!

view across the lawn in July

Just 5 minutes!

Evening light at the Old Rectory Gardens, Sudborough

We hosted several fund-raising events recently and the evening of this particular one stood out, not so much for the warmness of the weather, but for reasons of the light quality.

view of house in evening light

Beautiful Tree Peonies in Sudborough

Jack Frost did his best to spoil the beauty in the gardens at this time of year.  He succeeded in some parts, mainly the Wisteria, whilst other areas escaped the worst of his attentions.

Luckily the Peonies have all survived and are looking fantastic.

yellow tree peony

Yellow Tree Peony

Easter at the Old Rectory Gardens

The fantastic weather has been both a blessing and a trial in the gardens over the past 10 days.  The ground is just too dry for the time of year and young plants have needed extra attention to keep them thriving.

However, the sushine has well and truly kissed the gardens and we have been rewarded with one of the most beautiful show of tulips we have experienced in the last few years.

tulips in tubs on cobbled yard

The first view of tulips as you enter the gardens

As you turn the corner at the top of the lawn you can see a mixture of containers planted with tulips, contrasting beautifully with the fresh greens of spring.

tulips along the back of the house

Looking along the terrace

tulips in pots on terrace at back of house

Ouside the drawing room window

In the pottager the apple blossom is at it’s best, both in display and fragrance.  White tulips have been planted in tubs and borders combining to provide a wonderful show.

pottager arch with blossom and tulips

Archway through the centre of the Pottager

Walking out of the Pottager and across towards the pond I took this lovely view, looking across the lawn,  of the spring colours.

tulips, lawn and pond in spring

Delightful spring garden scene

This view has to called ‘reflective’!

house reflected in the water of the pond


It is so lovely here that we shall be enjoying the gardens as much as we can throughout the Easter holiday. Both Annie and myself intend to spend the next few days just  pottering around and will be delighted to chat about the gardens if you care to visit.