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Country Life Magazine

It’s been a very busy week, press-wise.  An inspiring article in the 23rd March issue of Country Life with some wonderful spring photographs by Marianne Majerus showing the garden at its best in Spring.  I really wish I could take photographs like Marianne!

The article is beautifully and amusingly written by Steven Desmond.  Even the livestock get a mention, including the two hens who have been taking lessons from the movie ‘Chicken Run’.  Since Steven was with us last month we have to take a sterner line with the ‘girls’ who are now confined to barracks!

The Edible Garden

Last year we were approached by the magazine ‘The Edible Garden’ to write an article about our Potager that was designed by Rosemary Verey.

The article, written by Jackie Bennett, has been beautifully enhanced by photographs by Marianne Majerus.

The spring/summer issue of ‘The Edible Garden’ is out now and our garden is featured over 4 pages.  Well worth a look. You can visit their website for information about their magazine